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Senior Pastor Aaron Rayburn - The Master's Plan: Community

Every time my community group met - it was a blessing! The biggest blessing was how much the meeting resembled the Acts 2 formula for doing community. Let me share with you some examples from our last 2 group meetings:

Breaking Bread. There is nothing like having fellowship over a meal. Boy, did we have some good meals! Each meal was simple but great!

Teaching. After we had our fellowship meal, we gathered in a living room to seek the Living Word through the written Word. Boy, on August 2, Pastor John brought the Word! Everyone contributed to the study and shared their hope in our resurrected Lord. I was sincerely overwhelmed by the joy of the Lord!

Another encouraging aspect of our worship through the Word was the participation by the students in our group. I know that our entire family was excited to see Wednesday coming! It was good to have our families sitting under the Word in a small group setting!

Outreach. It was soooo encouraging to see how my community group welcomed and embraced one of my friends that I have ministered to for many years. After the group meeting, my friend kept mentioning how he felt welcomed and loved. I am so appreciative of my group for their welcoming spirit! Praise the Lord!

Prayer. There was always a good meaningful time of prayer for each other and our church. Prayer was a great way to seek the face of our Father and to put an amen to our time of fellowship.

I pray that as we seek The Master's Plan for ERBC that we will seek a Scriptural (Acts 2, 4) attitude and plan for Christ-honoring community. Please keep in mind that community is one of several very important aspects of The Master's Plan. Whether it is prayer, missions, or ministry - let's start praying and seeking what our Lord's will is for our entire community of faith.

In the Hope of Jesus our Lord,
Pastor Aaron


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