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Worship Arts Pastor Clay Smith - One Nation Under Therapy

One Nation Under Therapy - that is how one author has described American culture in the 21st century. Slowly but surely, the terminology for our national ethic has changed from a Judeo-Christian dictionary to one driven by secular humanism. We have rejected the concept of sin and replaced it with sickness. Personal responsibility has been aborted and replaced with a variety of societal illnesses.

A dark, ominous cloud is growing as we now live in a new dark age of barbarism and unbelief. “No God will save us”, we are told, “we must save ourselves through education, science, and progress.” America is progressing closer and closer toward the cliff of destruction. We are rotting from the inside out.

There is only one solution to this dark slide into the perilous pit - the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our Lord saves us and blesses us that we might be salt and light in this wicked world. In 1 John 2:15-17, John admonishes us to avoid being conformed to this world’s ideas and philosophies. God has given us something much better - the Truth of God, the Word of God, and the Son of God. Let’s call upon the Lord together and trust Him to use us to let our light shine in this dark world!


After almost 19 years serving as Administrative Assistant for Worship Ministries at ERBC, Pat Billings is retiring at the end of June. I appreciate and love Pat so much, and I am so thankful for how she has blessed my life working with me all these years!

Now, even though Pat is retiring as my Administrative Assistant, she will still continue in her role as church pianist, and for that, I am VERY thankful! Pat has served ERBC faithfully and capably for 20 years, and I want to honor and acknowledge her time of ministry and dedication and thank her for a job well done indeed! We love you, Pat!

I’m also happy to announce that the new Administrative Assistant for Worship Ministries will be Mrs. Amy Parker. Amy and her husband Steve are members of ERBC and sing in the choir. I look forward to this smooth transition, and I am grateful to the Lord for how He ordains such things and orders our steps! Amy will begin her role on July 2! Welcome, Amy!


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