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Worship Arts Pastor Clay Smith - Stay Out of the Ruts!

Are you in the rut of complacency? It is a very easy rut to get into. And as with all ruts, it is much easier to get into than get out of! Are you in a rut in your life spiritually? A lot of people are in ruts because it is the easiest, least demanding place to be. When you think of ruts in a dirt road, those ruts are there because they have been travelled down for an extended period of time. It is the easy way out to just follow those ruts and go along your merry way. It is the path that requires the least effort.

Now if you get so bold as to try and get out of a rut, watch out! That's pretty challenging to do. Have you ever travelled down a road and tried to avoid the ruts? There's just something that naturally seems to try and pull us into them, and you have to fight to stay out of them. Just as we can get caught in ruts on a dirt road, we also can get caught in ruts in our spiritual journey. Ruts such as complacency, being satisfied with where you are spiritually, doing just enough to make us feel good about our relationship with God, and other similar ruts are very difficult to get out of.

But God doesn't want us to be in ruts! He wants us to be alive in our spiritual journey, fighting to stay out of those ruts through the grace He supplies. Faith in Christ is characterized by LIFE, TRANSFORMATION, GROWTH, MATURING, and SERVING, and these things can't be found in the ruts!

So let's fight to stay out of the ruts! Let's not be satisfied with same old - same old in our spiritual journeys but reach for fresh and new and alive!

May Jesus Christ be praised!


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