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Worship Arts Pastor Clay Smith - Just Do It!

At various times, I have people come to me and express just how God has blessed them through the music and worship in our church. They mention things like the choir, the band, the songs we sing together, and other aspects of the service. But do you realize that you are a part of the most important musical entity in worship?

Whether you realize it or not, as part of the worshiping congregation, you are part of the choir involved in worship! Wow!

God tells us in His Word that He takes great delight in hearing the audible expression of worship from the lips of those who love him. But even more than the praise He loves to hear from your lips, it’s the praise that comes from your heart and soul that He cherishes!

God loves the corporate praise that we offer Him through our singing, and we should take great delight in offering it to Him. I’ve heard countless times people say to me, “I can’t sing - singing is just not something I do.”

If God’s given you a voice, then you can sing - the question is, will you? Every living soul with a voice can sing. Now some are better at it than others, I understand. But don’t judge your capacity to sing by what your human ears perceive.

I am convinced that singing from the soul of a believer, no matter how it sounds to us, is precious and pleasing to the ears of the God. And even more so, it is obedient. And I also know that where we fall short in the presentation of our praises and worship to God is where the Holy Spirit intervenes in the transaction and makes everything beautiful and pleasing as it rises to the ears of our Lord.

God cherishes every sound of praise offered to Him from every soul that is willing to put vanity aside and just praise Him.

So just do it! If you are already, then keep doing it! And when we gather together and join our voices and our hearts as an offering to God, just give it all you got!

Sing from your soul to the glory of God! He deserves it!

Then sings my soul...


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