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Family Ministries Pastor Travis Cross - What a Blessing!

I’m sitting here in my office on June 5 working on a full summer of camps, VBS, mission trip, and other fun activities! I look around and I see Skittles, clothes pins, stadium chairs, t-shirts, juice boxes, candy, and even a stuffed camel (yes, a stuffed camel!). You may look and say, “What a mess!” But I look and say, “What a blessing!”

I am thrilled and thankful to have a church that responds when the call goes out asking for VBS donations; for a church that gives faithfully in the offering plate so I can purchase VBS t-shirts; for a church that steps up to serve when the needs arise.; for a church who prays for me and the other pastors and our ministries! Praise the Lord for an office full of ministry and support!

By the time you get this newsletter we will be finished with 2nd Grade Camp, Children’s Camp, and even VBS! But the summer does not stop there! Here are some activities coming up in July and August that you can pray for specifically:

July 3 - 9: Pastor John and I will be traveling with Jody Jennings and a team to minister in Cuba! I am so excited about this trip and looking forward to how the Lord will change me. We will be ministering in a town outside of Havana. Please pray for safe travels, for health, but most importantly for the Gospel to be shared and the Lord to work in our lives as well!

July 16 - 22: My family and I will be traveling to TN for our yearly vacation with the Cross family for 1/2 the week and the King family for 1/2 the week! We look forward to this time each year to have some down time and relaxation with my parents and sister in Pigeon Forge followed by time with Karen’s parents, siblings/spouses, and all the cousins in Lake Tansi. We get to enjoy some great food and fun activities with both sides of the family! Praise the Lord for the time spent with them!

August 5 - 6 will be 5th Grade Boot Camp/Sleeping with the Sharks in Gatlinburg, TN. This is always a bittersweet camp for me. Pastor John and I take the rising 6th Graders (and chaperones) on this trip as a way to transition them from Children’s Ministry to Student Ministry. Every year it is hard to see the kids move on, but I am so proud to see how they continue to grow in the Lord under Pastor John’s ministry!

August 9 - 11 will be a great time for 31 of our dads/sons who will go to Camp McCall! McCall is a camp that is “all boy” with everything from bb guns to waterfalls to Lake Chillywater! The boys and their dads have a special time of bonding together as they spend 2 nights and 3 days in the beautiful camp and even go without air conditioning! :)

As of this time we do not have the Mother/Daughter Retreat scheduled, but please watch the bulletin and newsletters for info on it!


Promotion Sunday will be August 19. We will move all of the kids up to their new classes/teachers that day.
Volunteers are needed to serve in Preschool! Please help fill these vacancies!
Twos A (8:45 a.m.) – 1 Adult Worker
Twos A (10:30 a.m.) – 3 Adult Workers, or 2 Adult Workers and 1 Youth
Twos B (8:45 a.m.) – 8 Adult Workers
Twos B (10:30 a.m.) – 4 Adult Workers, or 2 Adult Workers and 2 Youth

We will start back with KREED (Kids Remembering Encouraging Eternal Doctrine) and the Wednesday night ministries on August 22.

AWANA will resume on Sunday, September 9 and Good News Club will resume on Tuesday, September 11!

As always, if you are interested in helping/serving in any area of Family Ministries, please contact me at 864-244-2975, ext. 111 or by email! We would love to have you join us! Thank you in advance for your prayers for all of these events!






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