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Family Ministries Pastor Travis Cross - Great Summer of Camps!

We had a great summer of camps! I want to tell you a story about one of the many great events that took place this summer. At 2nd Grade Camp we had a small group: 4 girls, 1 boy, myself, Auburn McJunkin, and my son Graham. I take my 2nd Graders to camp at Carson Springs to get them ready for "Big Children's Camp."

The folks at Carson Springs had told me they would be having a Missionary Kid Camp at the same time we were there. Each summer the Southern Baptist Convention holds a retreat for missionary kids who have graduated high school and are moving back to the United States for college. The retreat helps them in their transition. This was the year to have their retreat in Tennessee.

I made sure our kids knew why there were so many teenagers at camp. I explained to them that these are missionary kids coming off the mission field for college. Our group seemed amazed at this information! Their eyes would light up when the teenagers came to the cafeteria!

Our cabin was at the top of the hill, and the young men in the MK group were in the cabin below us. As we were leaving our cabin to head to the swimming pool, there were 10 or 12 of those young men coming out of their cabin. Without hesitation our kids started yelling "Hi, Missionaries!" at the guys while at the same time waving their arms and hands as hard as they could!

I was far enough behind that I could hear and see the missionary kids' reactions. They LOVED it! They were laughing and waving and yelling "Hey" back at our kids. They were commenting on being called missionaries and how the kids seemed excited to see them. I even saw some of them pointing at our group later in the cafeteria and smiling as if they were telling their friends what had happened.

It was so sweet to hear the little voices, see the little faces, and experience the excitement of our group as they saw the missionaries. They were so innocent but so thrilled! In their eyes and minds those were missionaries (and of course they are!). Our group treated those missionary kids like rock stars!

To me, missionaries should be treated like rock stars! They are on the field more than they are at home. They are serving the Lord on the "front lines" and should be held in high honor! I am glad our group treated them that way and I was challenged to think about missionaries and their work even more. It also reminded me of how my own son is going to college.

He is going to school about 30 minutes from our house. But these missionary kids are going to school far away from their parents and families! It really hit home at the sacrifice that those missionaries make every day! Please pray for our missionary kids and their families, not just today but everyday!

I also want to ask that you pray as we start up with AWANA and Good News Club in September! We are in need of volunteers in both of these areas so if you feel the Lord leading you to serve please let me know!

Upcoming Events:
Sunday, September 3:
We will present our rising 1st Graders with new Bibles during the worship service. I am so thankful to give these children a Bible that they can use throughout their time in children's ministry!
Sunday, November 12: Tentative Family Dedication Service during the first hour worship service. I am trying to make sure this is a good date for those who wish to dedicate their children. Please let me know if your family would like to participate.
Tuesday, October 31 (6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the church): Our Harvest Carnival will be coming up in October! We always need a LOT of volunteers for it so please be looking at our in the KNOW sheets each week for signups to start.

Again, thank you so much for your prayers for this past summer! I have many more stories about each camp that I could relay to you but you will just have to ask me! :)


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