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The Marriage Mentoring Ministry of Edwards Road Baptist Church is designed to help couples:

• PREPARE for a new marriage

• STRENGTHEN a good marriage, and

• HEAL a troubled marriage


A trained ERBC couple (not professional counselors) comes alongside you and your spouse to help you build skills to strengthen your marriage. Together you’ll look at areas like communication, conflict resolution, finances, stress, spiritual beliefs, and more.


If you think you or a friend could benefit from Marriage Mentoring, let us know by email or by completing one of the applications available here or outside the Church office. You don't have to be a member of ERBC to participate.


 The Redeemer City Church Praise Team led worship, William Qualkinbush warmed up the crowd, and Dr. Ramon Presson provided Biblical insights during the recent Spooning With A Fork Marriage Conference on February 9 and 10.

The Conference audio files are available below:

Session 1 February 9

Session 2 February 10

Session 3 February 10