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Thankful for the Church!

A reflection from Senior Pastor Aaron Rayburn

Since March of last year, many of our people have not been able to worship “in person,” and understandably so.

I have literally not seen many of our church family in over a year! I am thankful for modern streaming technology (absolutely and amen), but it just is not the same as worshipping together. I have communicated via phone, email and text, but it is not the same as talking face-to-face. Therefore, it has been a tremendous joy to see the faces of those who have begun to come back after they received their vaccination. Easter was a particularly special time of worship and fellowship as many chose Resurrection Sunday as their date of return. It was a great Sunday.

I did not think that it would have such an impact on me, but it did. It reminded me of (and reinforced in me) the intrinsic nature of the Body of Christ, the importance of corporate worship, the necessity of Christian fellowship, and how much I love my church. Even with all our faults and peculiarities (1 Peter 2.9. Yep, the KJV calls us a “peculiar people.” I think it’s a very accurate translation!) – I love, appreciate, and am thankful for our church!

Over the past year, the Lord has taught us many things – MANY! One of the most is important is that we should be thankful for the church – Big “C” and little “c”! The phantom pains of missing members of the body (1 Corinthians 12) should help us understand what it means to be baptized into one body. We are literally immersed into the Body of Christ through the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12.13). Therefore, when large numbers of the Body are absent (again, for understandable reasons) – it is felt! No wonder doing church this past year has been so awkwardly weird. I know, I know – Kingdom work and worship moves forward – but it sure is a lot better when we are all together! So I rejoice and am thankful that more and more of our family is returning. Amen!

In closing, I would like to thank everyone who made the 4:00 p.m. Sunday worship services possible. I didn’t know what to expect when we started, but it ended up being a special time of worship. It was a blessing and an honor. Pastor Bob, Pastor David, and Josh Shaffer were so faithful in ministering through song and audio/visual tech. I cannot thank these guys enough! Sola Deo Gloria!